Years of Success

   I've been playing D&D since the mid 80s. I've run games using AD&D, D&D 2e, 3.x, ( skipped D&D 4e! ), C&C (Castles and Crusades), Amazing Adventures, Savage Worlds and most recently have gotten to LOVE the Call of Cthulhu 7e game.

   I offer to teach anyone how to play ...

  • Basics to any TTRPG
  • C&C (a simplified version of D&D 3.x)
  • D&D 5e
  • COC 7e

   I can assist you in deciding which system and/or genre you should begin your experience with.  A simple and quick chat will get us to understand what your needs are!

   Speaking of 'genres'...

  • Horror (classic 'Dracula' style)
  • Horror (Eldritch / Lovecraftian)
  • Classic Fantasy ('Lord of the rings' style)
  • Pulp Fantasy

   In terms of setting...

  • 100% Fantasy
  • Modern Earth 1920-30s
  • Western
  • Space

Teaching Kids

   In February of 2020 I started to teach young pre high school kids ranging in age from 8-12!  It was an after school program once a week where they learned the 'A-B-Cs' in role playing with D&D 5e as a base system.  Although I did somewhat simplify things for them regarding the 'rules', but over all it was a fantastic experience. If it were not for the Covid Pandemic that hit around the same time, I would have continued to grow that program and teach more people the basics.  In the year since, I've spent my time moving my game online with much success! I now want to bring the same level of fun and enjoyment to you in your home with a virtual experience created specifically for the "Casual Gamer".

Define "Casual Gamer"

   I have seen many different people come and go from my game table. I've GM'ed for doctors, scientists, teachers, IT professionals, a chef, and so many more, including the kids mentioned above!  What I have seen in recent years is a growing interest, or curiosity, in the general public who have heard of D&D but never played. Perhaps they thought it was a game for "GEEKS" and "NERDS" and were too afraid or perhaps intimidated (  ????  ) by it?  I wouldn't blame them if I looked and saw a stack of books 2 feet high with "Rules" for D&D !

   So to me, a "Casual Gamer" is one who simply wants to play without the need to learn so complex of a system and also not necessarily be put within a group that would make them uncomfortable.

   Even myself, a 50+ year old male, father of 3, IT Professional and lifetime RPG gamer,  felt COMPLETELY out of my element when I sat down to paly D&D 5e for the first time with "Younger" players who had a certain disdain for the "OLD GUARD" so to speak.  A complete lack of respect from a group of young foolish players got me thinking... "no wonder why some people stay away"!

  I am very much a "Casual Gamer" at heart, despite having played for so many years and with so many different people.  You are in good hands if playing or learning from me!

My Story

A Dedicated Dungeon/Game Master

   For the past 30 years, I've been playing and teaching people how to play in table top role playing games.  People from all walks of life, all age groups and as far away as Japan and Australia.  Specifically, I've taught D&D and more recently COC.  I would love to introduce the game to YOU and your families and friends!